Our Farm

Caring for the living being of our land and community

Located 30 miles northwest of New York City, Threefold Community Farm practices, teaches, and promotes biodynamics. We are entrusted with the care of forty acres of land on which we cultivate vegetables, herbs, flowers, and seed crops. We also create our own fertility and potting soil through composting; rotationally graze and cut hay for Rockland County’s only dairy herd and raw milk creamery, work two draft horses, and manage an apiary. We care for the land, feed our neighbors, enrich local community life, and offer a variety of educational opportunities.

Threefold Community Farm was born out of a collaborative spirit between the Rudolf Steiner Fellowship Foundation – a dynamic, work-based, intergenerational community centered on the care of the elderly – and the Threefold Educational Foundation, a living community of people and institutions centered around the practical work inspired by Rudolf Steiner. In 2018, The Pfeiffer Center of Threefold Educational Foundation, and Duryea Farm of the Fellowship Community, came together under the pillars of Biodynamic land care, education, and production through service, to create a larger farm organism, ensuring the longevity of biodynamic farming in the lower Hudson Valley Region.

Threefold Community Farm hosts opportunities for engagement with the natural world to everyone from school aged children to elder members of the Fellowship Community. At our Annual Dandelion Festival, we welcome the whole community to witness the cows taste their first spring grasses, while picking dandelion blossoms for our biodynamic compost preparations.

We firmly believe that the future of agriculture lies in our social capacity to unite around the health and future of our Earth. Biodynamics offers a voice in the chorus of others practicing spiritual landcare and the development of networks of small, diversified farms that are thoroughly integrated into their local communities. We recognize the ancient streams of spiritual agriculture from which Biodynamics shares its roots, and honor the indigenous wisdom and practices that have come before us.