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Good food starts with great soil

We understand that the health of the plants and animals we raise directly connects to the soil, atmosphere, and the starry heavens resulting in quality food with vital forces. There is no boundary between us and the living, breathing, soulful Earth out of which life can grow and nourish human beings.

Out of good soil, we raise a variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers, seeds and seedlings. We use our herbs and flowers to create seasonal teas and our signature Lightroot herb salt. The cows turn lush grass into rich milk which we offer raw, pasteurized, or transformed into yogurt or cheese to complement our seasonal ferments. The heart-warming honey bee gifts us with golden honey to pair with our herbal teas, and sweet-smelling wax for our salves. Wasting nothing, we turn our animal manures, weeds, and kitchen scraps from our community wide compost collection bins into Garden Gold, our signature compost blend for your home garden.


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