Community Farm Class

Join our weekly Community Farm Class.
Learn how to grow food and care for the farm animals!

Community Farm Class participants will actively experience life on the farm while learning valuable lifelong skills. Tasks include preparing the soil, planting seeds, and transplanting young seedlings, weeding and caring for the plants, harvesting the crops and preparing them for market, processing herbs, turning compost, stirring and applying biodynamic preparations, and bringing hay to the horses and cows.

Throughout the year, farmers work together in community to accomplish daily tasks on the farm. As we work on the land, we not only nourish and care for plants and animals, but also each other by building friendships and a sense of purpose within the community.

At Threefold Community Farm’s Community Farm Class, we welcome anyone interested in learning about gardening and farming.

Through the seasons, our work is always different, but equally important.

1:30-3 pm Tuesdays
From March 19, 2024, onwards

Contact us for more information at [email protected] or tell us about yourself below.

Tell us about yourself

*At Threefold Community Farm, we strive to create an open, inclusive and equitable environment in which every student has the opportunity to flourish. We believe that each and every student carries within themselves many gifts that can empower them to uniquely succeed. These gifts are valued, cherished, and celebrated.