A New Agricultural Initiative

Threefold Educational Foundation’s Pfeiffer Center and The Fellowship Community’s Duryea Farm share the same star – through biodynamic care of land, our united farm can provide more access to nourishing food, enrich our local community, and host a variety of farm-based experiences for all ages. The Pfeiffer Center’s original mission of practicing, teaching and promoting biodynamics is enhanced by our new partnership, uniting our farmscape to develop a healthier biodynamic farm individuality, out of which we can witness and educate about the necessary and sacred relationships between the seen and the unseen. The Fellowship Community will benefit from increased expertise in Biodynamic land care, more varied produce for their Kitchen, and enriched cultural activities for their members.

About The Fellowship Community

Founded in 1966, the Fellowship Community is a work-based intergenerational community centered on the care of the elderly. Approximately 130 elder members, co-workers, and their children live together in a rural farm setting just 30 miles northwest of New York City. From its beginnings, the Fellowship Community had gardens; its members were committed to growing as much of their own food as possible, and to being good stewards of their land.

About Threefold Educational Foundation

Chartered in 1965, and directly descended from an anthroposophical community that began in 1926, Threefold Educational Foundation supports a living community of practical work inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. The Foundation is the steward of the land, buildings and facilities that comprise a large part of the Threefold community’s physical setting, and it serves as the legal and fiscal umbrella for institutions including the Pfeiffer Center, Green Meadow Waldorf School, the Otto Specht School, Eurythmy Spring Valley, the Fiber Craft Studio, and more.