As we reflect on this season’s growth, we want to take a moment to express gratitude to the land and for our community’s ongoing support.
Supplying fresh vegetables to The Fellowship Community, our 22 week CSA, farm stands, The Co-op, Threefold Cafe, Rockland County Community Fridges, and to New York City organizations working towards food sovereignty in addition to running the only dairy AND creamery in Rockland County (whew!)–  makes for plenty of local, delicious, nutritious foods, but also a lot of wear and tear on our vehicles.

As Giving Tuesday appeals roll out today, we invite you to consider making a contribution towards our dream goal of acquiring a new truck! Ideally a, 4 x 4 v8 quad cab, with a long bed with tow capacity & gear.

We hope to raise $20,000 between now and the new year, to go towards a reliable and more environmentally friendly truck which would help us better transport our products, transport animals, compost and farm equipment. Our beloved truck Maggie is retiring, and with your help we can continue to deliver healthy, safe, vital vegetables and products to our local and neighboring communities!